Keane sees the Swans jumping on the chance to win 4 trophies

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Keane sees the Swans jumping on the chance to win 4 trophies. Former Manchester United midfielder Roy Keane thinks Liverpool are in a great moment. But be warn that things in football can change quickly too.

         The Reds have won the Carabao Cup, followed by qualifying for the FA Cup quarter-finals, while the Champions League will advance to the quarter-finals following their first game against Inter Milan. They came home 2-0 while the Premier League are six points behind Manchester City but playing less than a ufabet game.

         There have been some talks about winning the “four trophies” recently, and Keane considers Liverpool’s all to be in great shape right now. But be warned that things can change quickly too.

         “They seem unified,” Keane told ITV. “I know it’s easy when you win. But it looks like the team, the players, the manager, the staff, you see how much fun they had on Sunday. 

         “They have momentum in the segment. But of course football can change quickly.”

         “But of course there will be laughter all over the training ground, in the stadium new stands are being built. There’s a lot going on All of this is very optimistic for Liverpool, but it can change quickly.”