Hodgson sees Rodgers potential as England manager

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Watford manager Roy Hodgson believes Leicester City boss Brendan Rodgers has the skills to step up to manage England in the future.

         “Rampant Hornets” who have already been relegate prepare to open the house to receive the visit of “Fox” in the Premier League game on Sunday. With Rodgers showing great results at King Power, leading the ufabet team to the FA Championship. The Cup wis won last season after success with Celtic.

         Hodgson, 74, who was in charge of the England squad from 2016 to 2016. Believes Rodgers has the ability to take the lead in the future as well. 

         “It’s not a difficult place to work. He has work with Liverpool, Celtic and Leicester City over the years and has shown himself to be one of the elite. He gave the team a great performance,” Hodgson said.

         “Why not? The truth is that we are blesse in this country. There are a lot of good managers and good coaches.”

         “On the day Gareth Southgate decided to go forward, I don’t think England lacked someone to take up the role.”

         “Of course, I will not underestimate Brendan’s opportunity, whether he wants to take up the job or not. But of course he has potential. Who knows?”