Berty holds the Intermediate midfielder leads the Milan derby

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Berty holds the Intermediate midfielder leads the Milan derby. Former Inter midfielder Nicola Berty sees the former team’s midfield as having a strength over AC Milan and will secure victory.

         The Milan derby will play on Saturday. Both teams are vying for the Serie A title this season. By the ufabet game in which “Python” will have the right to host. Berty sees that the Milan midfielder is still weaker and that is the reason for the defeat.

         “The midfield is where the game decides,” Berti Glas told Gazzetta dello Sport. “As far as I can see, Milan have no chance of winning, Simone In’s midfield trio. Saki gets along wonderfully. They look like they’ve been playing together all their lives.”

         “They are very aggressive and well matched, I wonder how Milan can handle this comparison.”

          “Inzaghi has nothing to fear, Stefano Pioli can take a mighty Kessie with Brozovic but that will open up space for Barrella and Chalanolu.”

         “To be honest, I don’t see how Pioli will fix Inter’s midfield, it will be a Barella game, I expect a lot from him. He is a force of nature. One of the players who inspires the fans and goes forward.”