We out here

Yo me and David Lang are still alive, we out here in London.



Gnarwhale is on its final days… complete extinction is coming.

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A new edit of Carl dodging babies and getting some HANGTIME

Saltspring Freedom Weekend 2012

Coming in 6th place for the Embassy’s Summer of Fun contest, I went tripping to Saltspring Island with a bunch of buds to ride, chill, and hang keen. With clips filmed by everyone there, we came out with a sweet mix of clips from some serious chilling, huge hill bombs, fireworks blowing up, traditional Maori tunes and even managed to get some riding done at the skatepark. Jason Teet, Jordan Hango, Carl Arnett along with everyone else got awesome clips and I am really psyched how this all turned out.

Hot Carl: 5 Clips

Here’s a quick 5 clip edit I put together of the big baby himself.

Ice Cold’s Lost Tapes

Ice Cold Shawn Henderson putting in work filming a ton around 2008. For whatever reasons he never ended up releasing the Welcome To Chillville mixtape he had been calling out. Somehow all clips made it to the computer at the bikeshop and I ended up tossing them all together into this 3 part mixtape.

Check after the jump for part 2 & 3

Union Press Issue 1

My friends Prashant and Brad Hill joined forces to create this really unique zine called Union Press. It focuses on the Canadian BMX scene and features a bunch of great pictures and articles about some of the characters in this scene. It comes printed on 2 sheets of newsprint that both fold out to reveal more articles and even a couple of posters. Overall it’s an awesome publication and a great read.

I wrote an article called “America’s Top Loitering Spots” where I list off some of my favorite spots to hangout. Thanks to Prashant for asking me to contribute.

It is being distributed by Ten Pack Bmx, and should be in bikeshops across Canada this week, and its completely free. If you want to get ahold of one directly, YOSICK is selling them for 2$ at the YOSICKSTORE

Some more pictures of Union Press down below (more…)

Ian Moult Shredding MIT

MIT clips from Ian Moult on Vimeo.

Ian has been in Boston since September to get his PhD at MIT. Good to see he gets away from making black holes long enough to go for a rip around some spots in Boston. Some really crazy handrail moves in this, especially since it looks like it was all done solo.

Team Dilly Is The Man

TEAM DILLY IS THE MAN TRAILER from Kyle Stark on Vimeo.

My Minnesota buds at Team Dilly are coming out with a new full length dvd. I think the release is still way off, but I am so psyched for this.

Ryan Hiebert Edit

Ryan Hiebert from Embassy on Vimeo.

Norther Embassy just put out this sick edit of Ghetto Mansion OG, Ryan Heibert. A bunch of dope clips and even a flip on street!